Replica Tech Factory Wheels: Ideal For Your Car, Truck, or SUV.

Get your car looking like the real thing. We offer OEM factory replica wheels in factory finishes, with the look of the original factory wheels. Manufacturers add new and different materials to their wheels, so they can make them lighter and stronger. Replica Tech wheels are like OEM wheels, but since they’re custom-made, they have parts and pieces made to the same specifications as the original wheels. 


Why get Replica Tech Wheels?

For anyone that likes the factory appearance of a vehicle, the natural question that comes to mind is "why not just get an original?" The cost is usually significantly more than for replacement wheels. Replica wheels are custom made to fit a vehicle's original style wheel, which will retain some of its originality. 


Choosing a color

Replica Tech wheels are available in a wide variety of colors. Colors such as white, gray, black, tan, gold, and silver are all possible for you to order.


Replica wheel advantages

  • New, high-quality, OEM quality.
  • Replica Tech wheels are offered for today's popular vehicles.
  • High-quality original factory detailing.
  • The OEM finish makes the wheels look like they came from the factory. 



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